Jukka Hyvärinen - My professional profile


I'm a software developer by profession, graduated from the University of Helsinki in 2010, majoring in Computer Science. I've been working at Innofactor since March 2016 (see my complete work history in my CV).

I have especially strong knowledge of web development in .NET, C#, ASP.NET MVC / Core, knockout, Angular, JavaScript/TypeScript, Entity Framework, NHibernate and Microsoft SQL Server.

I am fluent in both Finnish and English. I reside in Helsinki, Finland.


Open source projects

I am the creator and maintainer of VocaDB, a Japanese music site based on ASP.NET MVC, knockout, TypeScript and NHibernate.

In addition to VocaDB, I have some open source projects on my Github page.


I have a blog about software development.

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